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Pharmaceutical Capsules

Pharmaceutical Capsules

The company is the reliable Pharmaceutical Capsules Manufacturer and Supplier based in Himachal Pradesh. The wide range of Pharmaceutical Capsules, offered by the company, is inclusive of Advital Capsules, Advplex Capsules and Suzycare-L Capsules.

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Advital Capsules

Advital Capsules
  • Multvitamins, Multiminerals with Ginseng Capsules / Syrup Multvitamins
  • Important for metabolism and in the initiation on nerve impules
  • Synthesis of insulating sheath around nerve cells
  • Multimineral: Essential for various enzymatic activities offers excellent oxygen for free radical quenching activity
  • Aids in growth & development of cells.
  • With extra advantages of Ginseng & Green Tea Extract
  • Promotes energy revitalizes & aids recovery
  • Improves circulation increases blood supply stimulates the body

Packing : 1 x 2 Capsules

Adviplex Capsules

Adviplex Capsules
  • Thiamine Hydrochloride 4mg.+Riboflavine 4mg.+Pyridoxine 1.2mg.+Cyanocobalamin 2mcg. +Niacinamide 30mg. & L-Lysine Hydrochloride 375mg.
  • Used in anororexia & indigestion
  • B-Complex & Minerals
  • Haemopoetic Factors & Improves the nutritional status
  • An essential amino acid
  • Helps to improve skin health & elasticity
  • Aid bone healing from injury
  • Acts as an excellent appetizer

Packing : 1 x 2 Capsules

Suzycare-L Capsules

Suzycare-L Capsules
  • Lycopene, Multvitamin with Multminerals Capsules/Suspension
  • For the healthy & joyful life
  • Restores good heath
  • Increases body resistance
  • Ensures proper absorption of nutrients
  • Restores all biochemical functions & integrate them towards health promotions
  • Accelerates healing process & corrects mal-absorption syndromes & inborn error of metabolism

Packing : 1 x 2 Capsules

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